Digital Tech House - Terms and Conditions

At Digital Tech House, we’re committed to providing you with top-notch digital marketing solutions. Our unique and easily understandable terms and conditions ensure a transparent and fruitful partnership. These guidelines outline the responsibilities and expectations on both sides, aiming to create a seamless collaboration that drives success. We encourage you to review and comprehend these terms, as they serve as the foundation for our mutual journey towards achieving your digital marketing goals.

Our Terms, Your Success. Clear, Concise, And Collaborative

Welcome to Digital Tech House, your trusted partner for comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Please take a moment to read through our unique and client-friendly terms and conditions that outline the guidelines for our services.

Estimates and Quotes:

Our estimates and quotes are based on a thorough understanding of your requirements and the projected timeline. Any additional functionalities or upgrades might result in extra costs. A detailed clarification of your needs will be discussed during a face-to-face or online conference call.

Acceptance of Proposal:

By accepting a quote/proposal, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of Digital Tech House. This acceptance can be verbal, through email communication, upon initiation payment, or by signing the project quote.

Project Requirements:

Clients are required to provide clear and specific project guidelines. Without such details, we will proceed based on our understanding and provide a quote accordingly. Any subsequent changes due to insufficient information might lead to additional charges.

Complex Tasks and Alterations:

If complex tasks are involved, please notify us in advance to include them in the proposal for accurate cost estimation. Honesty is crucial for a successful partnership, and any discrepancies arising from unclear requirements will not be the responsibility of Digital Tech House.

Project Timelines:

Each task within a project is allocated specific working hours. Minor changes are accommodated within these hours. While we strive to meet project deadlines, delays at the client's end may lead to revised timelines and additional costs.

Bugs and Modifications:

Any programming bugs discovered during or immediately after development are not subject to extra charges. However, new work or design changes requested after approval may incur additional costs.

Content Submission:

To avoid unnecessary delays, clients are expected to provide website/application content and details within the first week of the contract. Delays beyond this point might result in additional charges.

Compatibility Testing:

Our websites/applications are thoroughly tested for compatibility with browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. If testing on other platforms is required, please inform us in advance.

Third-Party Components:

Some projects may involve third-party components like payment gateways or SSL certificates. Any costs associated with these components are not included in our quotes.

Unforeseen Delays:

While we strive to adhere to project schedules, unforeseen circumstances might cause delays. Clients agree not to penalize us for genuine delays, provided efforts are made to maintain the proposed timeline.

Intellectual Property:

Digital Tech House's programming codes are copyrighted. Clients may obtain the codes for further use at an extra cost, provided all previous dues are settled. However, re-selling or duplicating the codes is strictly prohibited.

Domain and Hosting:

Unless specified, domain registration and hosting are not included in the project. Separate quotes will be provided for these services if required.

Client-Server Interaction:

Our test servers and sites are not accessible to clients or third parties. Transfer of the website/application to an external server is possible upon full payment of dues.

Usage License:

With full payment of dues, clients receive a license to use the graphics, texts, and images of the published website. However, intellectual property rights to codes and structures remain with Digital Tech House.

Communication Channels:

Communication is primarily conducted through emails and Skype. Clients must keep us updated with relevant email addresses.

Project Transfers:

Projects confirmed with Digital Tech House should only be transferred to another agency with valid justification. Unjustified transfers may lead to legal actions.

Open Communication:

Both parties commit to open communication to address any issues promptly and amicably. Clients are encouraged to raise concerns for mutual resolution.

Project Deadline:

We aim to complete projects within 60 days. While we strive for timely completion, unforeseen circumstances might cause variations in the timeline.

Non-Responsive Clients:

If a client becomes non-responsive, both parties may consider closing the project, subject to mutual agreement.

Migration Responsibility:

If another agency handles website migration, Digital Tech House is not responsible for data loss or errors during migration.

Thank you for choosing Digital Tech House as your digital marketing partner. We look forward to an enriching collaboration.